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Selected Other Translations by Paul Wilson

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Dark Blue Sky - the motion picture, written and directed by Academy Award Winning, Jan and Zdenek Sverak ( Kolya), for Portabello Films. ( 1999)

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Prague: A Traveller's Literary Companion. Edited by Paul Wilson. Whereabouts Press, San Francisco. (1995)

Prague: A Literary Traveller's CompanionPublished in 1995, this book is a guide to the spirit of Prague, filled with the stories by Prague writers. While some of these are classic tales by well-known authors, more than half are by relatively unknown writers, translated into English for the first time. For more about this book, visit the site of Whereabouts Press

Prague: A Traveler's Literary Companion at





We Are Children Just The Same. Vedem, The Secret Magazine of the Boys of Terezin. Editor and associate translator. The Jewish Publication Society. Philadelphia. (1995) Winner of the National Jewish Book Award.

We Are Children Just the Same: Vedem, The Secret Magazine of the Boys of Terezin at


I Served the King of England, Bohumil Hrabal. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York. (1989)

I Served the King of EnglandDescribed by Milan Kundera as "one of the most authentic incarnations of magical Prague, an incredible union of earthy humour and baroque imagination', I Served the King of England is the masterpiece of Czechoslovakia's finest writer. Set in Prague and the lush, wooded landscapes of Bohemia, it tells the story of a tiny, sharp-witted waiter with an eye for the main chance and a way with the ladies who learns his trade in pre-war Prague, marries a blond Aryan beauty as the Germans invade, makes and loses a fortune and achieves a kind of pastoral serenity among the ruins of post-war Europe. Witty, worldly and sardonic, it is a novel of irresistible energy and disrespectful humour.

I Served the King of England at


Nightfrost in Prague, Zdenek Mlynar. Karz Publishers, New York (1980)

Nightfrost in PragueAugust 20, 1968: In the dead of night, the tanks and troops of the Warsaw Pact countries, led by the Soviet Union, rolled into Czechoslovakia. By morning, Premier Alexander Dubcek, who had instituted some liberal policies and incurred the wrath of the Soviets, was whisked away to a Soviet prison. Later, other Czech leaders were flown to Moscow for meetings. On their return to Prague, they found an increasing number of Soviet apologists bearing down on them. By the spring of 1969, Dubcek and his courageous lieutenants had to capitulate almost totally to soviet pressure and make way for a Kremlin-installed puppet government. The inside story of those incredible days is revealed in a book by Zdenek Mlynark one of the secretaries of [the Central Committee of] the Czechoslovak party." Toronto Star 20 August 1979.

Zdenek Mlynar is the highest-ranking Communist since Trotsky to come to the West. A committed Stalinist in the early post-World War II years and cultivated by the party as a future leader, Zdenek Mlynar became one of the leading intellectual forces behind reform in the Czechoslovak Communist party and an author of the party's reform manifesto, the Action Program. Following the Soviet invasion in August 1968, Mlynar personally participated in the negotiations with the Soviet Politburo concerning the withdrawal of Soviet troops.

Nightfrost in Prague is his memoir of the dramatic postwar changes in Czechoslovakia and the emergence and eventual collapse of reform. The mechanism of politics and power in a soviet bloc country and the intricate political ties with the USSR are here graphically depicted. Mlynar left Czechoslovakia in 1977 and presently resides in Vienna.




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